Yes, if you are a new customer or you haven't set up an account with us before, you may continue to the checkout as a guest. New customers can order our products using either one of the following ways: as 'guests' or as registered customers with an account. You can always register as a customer and have an account with us. It is free and will allow you to get notifications about our sales and promotions.

Our bed linens sets can be ordered in any required size. We are prepared to create for you any type of embroidery design, to help you meet your interior design colors and style. We are happy to provide you with this special service and advise you on the best choice for your situation.

Yes, we can provide any requested size. If you would like to include your size dimensions, please do so in the 'Your Note' field in the cart. You can contact us for more details and before you make an order.

We are happy to answer any question you have, to help you resolve a specific challenge you face regarding an order, consult you regarding decorating your room and more. You can also contact us by filling up our 'Contact Us' page or sending us an email:

Of course. All of our products can be ordered as gifts for others, with or without monograms and/or personalization embroidery.

Our system automatically require you to indicate a billing and shipping address, but on the next page of the checkout, you will be able to select 'Pick Up in Store' as your preferred delivery option.

Please refer to our page 'Shipment and Returns'. You will find it under the 'About Us' drop down menu. You will also find it at the footer of each page.

We do not offer all our products online. If you are looking for an item you saw in store or somewhere else, please contact us directly by phone or email at:

Phone: + 972.3. 683.3491


If you place an order and you wish to make a change after the order is completed, get in touch with us as soon as possible either by phone or email at:

Phone: + 972.3. 683.3491


All products that were bought on sale and/or were at 25% discount or more (from its original price) cannot be returned or exchanged.

Yes. Shipping costs may vary depending upon the country we deliver to.

Of course! Please do not hesitate to call us to place an order at our direct phone numbers:

+ 972.3. 683.3491 or + 972.50.821.1616

Our fitted sheets have 30cm (11.82 inches) depth, and they fit most mattresses. If you require a different size and depth sheets, we can create them for you. Please contact us for more details: + 972.3. 683.3491 or Email:

The survival of the linens depends upon how well you take care of it. With proper care, Pure Egyptian Cotton bedding can last for many years. Please refer to our Care Guide. You will find it under the 'About Us' drop down menu page. You will also find it at the footer of each page.

We recommend washing them once a week. Not washing your sheets on a weekly basis may result in your natural oils setting into the fabric which causes yellowing.

On a daily basis fluff and shake your pillows. Keeping them in their protectors will extend the life span of your pillows. Down or feather pillows tend to soften over time, we do recommend to replace them every 2-3 years.

There’s no need to change the entire bed linens every season. It would be refreshing for your look if you add colored cushion/s and bedspread in the spring, or a dark colored decorative blanket in the fall.

Yes. Sheets that are made of Polyester or that are chemically treated.

Monogramming is timeless. It’s a perfect way to personalize your linens and makes a lovely gift for all occasions.

Having a mattress pad will help keep your mattress clean and it will protect against dust mites, as well as preserves the longevity of your mattress.