Architects & Designers

At Argaman Home, we have been working in collaboration with architects and interior designers for over a decade. Our aim is to work closely with you to provide the best service and quality products to your clients. We understand design and how crucial it is in a competitive market to reinvent yourself.

We strive to bring you the best craftsmanship tailored to your clients’ requirements. Each and every product is created to match their specifications. We are recognized for quality style and the embroidery designs that we offer. We have been an embroidery house for almost a jubilee, and have been utilizing this specialty by offering you a custom design service, colors, matching fabrics and monograms to match each of your customer’s unique needs.

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Architects and interior designers are invited to apply to our Private Design Network, a select group of design professionals. All qualified members will receive designer pricing, seasonal first looks, special invitations, and other design industry opportunities.

To apply to become a member of our Private Design Network, please submit the online application form with the requested document for review.