Our Story

We are a second-generation family business. Our parents founded the company over 30 years ago. The starting point was offering unique tailor-made personalized embroidery designs. Since then the business has morphed into offering quality Home Textile products. We are proud of our parents’ tradition. This is why many of our products carry our signature embroidery designs. We are also proud of our personalized, comprehensive and exclusive embroidery service including monogramming, custom embroidery and color designs, that cater to the private individual, architects, interior designers, or the boutique hotels and VIP services of large corporations. Whether it is a home, a yacht, a private jet or a signature hotel, we are here to help meet your unique and personalized needs.

A few words from us…

We are aware that today’s life is filled with complexity. We have more supporting tools, but less time. We are exposed to many more people and have more meetings, but less meaning. We seem to share more, but have less truth. We text more, but converse less. And certainly, we have more but are less satisfied.

Like many others we have found ourselves victims of our own reality. We did not know how to bring simplicity into the complexity. One day we stumbled across Thomas Dekker’s quote: “Sleep is that golden chain that ties health and our bodies together”. This was our ‘Aha-Aha’ moment:

The answer may begin with quality sleep!

So, we chose to change things.

We began investing in the right products to provide you with a great sleeping experience. This is when our first non-compromising quality line of bedding was introduced. Since then, we have expanded our line of products to help make the experience of ending a busy day in a relaxed manner. This is why we consider each of our products to be an integral part of creating a comfortable and soothing environment, ranging from our soft and lavish bath towels and bath robes to our beautifully designed bedding that promotes good quality sleep…

We are passionate about our products. We dream about beauty and design. We are inspired by quality, not prices. And we care about the small details, not just mass production.

So, we will continue to bring you high quality, beautifully designed, stylish and attractive products at reasonable prices. We believe in people shopping for what they want, when they want and receive the greatest value.