Personalized Waffle Weave Towels


The ideal towel for those who like a light weight and soft fabric. Our waffle weave towels are highly absorbent and are made of 100% cotton. They come in a package of 6.

For instructions on how to place your personalized order please check the Description page below.

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How to place your personalized order?

I. Choose one of the following embroidery (EMB) styles:
Style 1: EMB symbol only
Style 2: EMB monogramming only
Style 3: EMB symbol and monogramming

II. Once you have decided which style you prefer follow the following steps and fill up the boxes that match your choice:
1. Choose the towel size;
2. Choose the color of the EMB thread you would like the symbol and/or monogram to be in;
3. Choose the EMB monogram font style (optional) – there are 3 font styles to choose from shown in the Font Chart on the left hand side;
4. Choose the EMB symbol – shown in the Symbol Chart on the left hand side (optional);
5. In the final box you can adapt your monogram by entering the letters or name you want. If your full name is John Smith, you may choose to have your first name ‘John’ only, or just your initials ‘JS’ or ‘J Smith’. The letters will be embroidered in the font style you have chosen earlier.

More about the product:

In waffle weave towels, the fabric is woven into a very unique flat weave that will form small honeycombs after washing. These honeycombs draw the moisture away, but because the weave itself is flat, the water evaporates much more quickly, and the towels dry much faster.

Waffle weave towels are highly absorbent and quick to dry. They are lightweight and soft. You can purchase them as a gift and surprise your loved one with a personal monogramming towel. This can be a perfect gift for holidays, anniversaries or birthdays.



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